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Integrated application

integrated application

Automatic palletizing production line

Automatic palletizing production line

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According to the product and process requirements of various industries, the expandable palletizing production line suitable for the customers site is customized, which can realize the functions of bag / box / box / bottle packaging, weighing, detection, transportation, shaping, swinging, palletizing and pressing, and realize manual semi-automatic or unmanned automation. Various online interfaces can be reserved to connect MES and other management systems. It is widely used in the storage and transportation of products in electric power, metallurgy, cement, chemical industry, non-metallic minerals, food, medicine, electronic products and other industries, such as talc powder, titanium dioxide, limestone, mineral water, instant noodles, electric tools and so on.
Product features:
1. High palletizing capacity and wide adaptability;
2. The stacking layer is neat and beautiful;
3. Low input cost;
4. High degree of automation, saving labor costs;
5. Simple structure and few parts. Therefore, the failure rate of parts and components is low, the performance is reliable, the maintenance and repair is simple, and the required inventory parts and components are few;
6. Small floor area. It is conducive to the layout of the production line in the customers plant, and a large warehouse area can be reserved. The palletizing robot can be set in a narrow space and can be used effectively;
7. Strong applicability. When the size, volume, shape of the customers product and the overall dimension of the pallet change, it only needs to be slightly modified on the touch screen, which will not affect the normal production of the customer. The change of mechanical stacker is quite troublesome and even impossible;
8. Low energy consumption. Generally, the power of mechanical palletizing machine is about 26KW, while the power of palletizing robot is about 5kW. Greatly reduce the operation cost of customers;
9. All controls can be operated on the screen of the control cabinet, and the operation is very simple;
10. Just locate and grasp the starting point and placement point, and the teaching method is simple and easy to understand.
Main configuration and performance:
1. Robot: Yaskawa, FANUC, KUKA, abb, 4-axis, 6-axis, 5kg-600kg
2. Production line: customized according to demand, it can be equipped with belt line, circular drum line, square drum line, code scanning mechanism, weighing mechanism, sorting mechanism, film sealing and packaging mechanism, etc.
3. Applicable packaging: 0.1kg-100kg, in bags, boxes, boxes, bottles and cans
4. Output: 600-750 times / hour