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Fan Cheng Looking for Shenyang opportunity of robot industry

Published on:2020-08-06

With the rapid development of robots, the plots that could only exist in science fiction or movies have become touchable reality today, and the speed of transforming into reality is almost beyond our imagination.
On August 3, experts, scholars and entrepreneurs from the field of artificial intelligence and robotics at home and abroad, together with local enterprises in Shenyang, focused on the "Shenyang opportunities" and challenges in the era of robot industry reform. Experts and scholars agree that artificial intelligence and a new generation of information technology are reshaping Chinas and the worlds robot industry: the expansion of technology and application, and the expansion of supply and demand make the robot industry an important driving force to promote the transformation of old and new kinetic energy and high-quality economic development in China. In this process, "Shenyang intelligent manufacturing" enterprises should catch up with technology and look for "Shenyang opportunities" in development in the fierce competition.
Zhao Jie, director of Robotics Research Institute of Harbin Institute of Technology
Chinas robot industry has ushered in a critical period of overcoming difficulties
Referring to the current situation of Chinas robot development, Zhao Jie, director of the Institute of robotics of Harbin University of technology, believes that Chinas robot industry is ushering in a critical period of overcoming difficulties. International Robot leading enterprises are constantly infiltrating, expanding the application scene of Chinese robot in the worlds largest consumer market, and Chinas robot industry is also ushering in a period of major development opportunities.
Zhao Jie pointed out that in the next 10-15 years, the global robot industry will form a new strategic pattern of international competition, in which China will become an important force. Asia and the "one belt, one road" countries will become the important market for industrial robots competing for the worlds powerful countries. Service robots will become the important battlefields for the powerful nation to compete for the leading position of new industries. Special robots will be an important means to balance each others powers.
Xu Fang, vice president of Shenyang Xinsong Robot Automation Co., Ltd
Shenyang enterprises should make good use of the "smart +" strategy
"The existing manufacturing mode is unsustainable. In a wide range of manufacturing factories, robots will gradually replace human hands and feet and human brain." Xu Fang, vice president of Shenyang Xinsong Robot Automation Co., Ltd., believes that the robot industry will empower Shenyang intelligent manufacturing industry in the future. At present, the manufacturing industry is facing the transformation demand of personalized customer demand and customized production mode. The product life cycle is becoming shorter and shorter, which forces the manufacturing enterprises to adjust and adapt to the production mode. Xu Fang mentioned that for intelligent manufacturing enterprises in Shenyang, under the new situation, they should deeply cultivate industry segments, make special industry general products, explore the depth, meet the use needs of the actual scene, and open up the production chain of the whole industry. Shenyang enterprises should make good use of the "smart +" strategy to provide customers with professional and comprehensive intelligent manufacturing comprehensive services.
Chai Tianyou, academician of Chinese Academy of engineering and professor of Northeast University
Focus on intelligent manufacturing and strengthen the driving ability of industrial interconnection
Industrial Internet is the key support for the intelligent development of industrial economy. The development situation and trend of domestic industrial Internet have attracted the attention of participating experts. Chai Tianyou, academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering and professor of Northeastern University, pointed out in his speech entitled "industrial Internet and industrial artificial intelligence". At present, Chinas industrial Internet is facing bottlenecks such as lack of deep integration with industrial artificial intelligence technology. In the case of difficulties in running in domestic industry and Internet, he wants to fully coordinate technical research and industrial research and trace the source, The R & D mechanism needs to be reformed.
In the next step, based on the interdisciplinary research mechanism, the state will enhance the innovation ability of Chinas industrial Internet and promote the integrated development of industrialization and informatization in a wider range, deeper degree and higher level. In the future, China will focus on intelligent manufacturing and strengthen the innovation driving ability of industrial Internet.
Zhao Ji, President of Northeast University
Do a good job in the training of new robot engineering talents
"Talent is the key to the development of robot industry." Zhao Ji, President of Northeastern University, said that robot is a typical "three high" industry, which needs high technology, high-end talents and high investment. The cultivation of innovative talents in robotics has become one of the important and urgent tasks of the University. In the era of intelligent manufacturing, Chinas higher education needs to cultivate leading talents and employable talents who can adapt to and win the future.
Zhao Ji suggested that domestic colleges and universities should do a good job in the talent training of robot new engineering, establish talent training modes such as international cooperation in running schools and school enterprise cooperation, and improve the foresight and internationality of new engineering construction and innovative talent training; Strengthen the transformation and integration of teaching and research resources, and strive to improve the level of intelligence while further expanding the construction of innovative practice platform; Build a problem-oriented innovative curriculum system to stimulate students internal learning motivation.