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Company introduction


Company Introduction

Industrial Robot Integrated Service Provider

Fancheng robot is a comprehensive service provider of industrial robots integrating trade and service. It is a modern enterprise specializing in the sales, recycling and service of second-hand industrial robot equipment and integrated systems. It is mainly engaged in industrial robots of four families and more than ten imported mainstream brands. The goods mainly come from Japan, Germany, the United States, Canada and other large industrial countries. Nearly 15 years of professional technology precipitation and excellent after-sales service have made our company widely praised in the industry.
We have a high-quality, experienced and cohesive technical service team to provide partners with high-quality and cost-effective second-hand industrial robots; Provide technical support, scheme design, robot after-sales maintenance and upgrading services for integrators and other users, so as to eliminate the worries of users in technology and after-sales service after purchase.
  • 14 + Brand
  • 15 + Annual Precipitation
  • 50 + After Sales Team
  • 1000 + Goods In Stock
Fancheng Robot