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Robot Rental


Robot Rental

The company provides industrial robot rental services, which are applicable to exhibitions, trial commissioning of production lines, teaching and training, etc. Help enterprises reduce the cost of industrial applications, increase operating revenue, and improve brand image and service quality through differentiated competition.

Rental advantage

  • 1. Easy payment: customers in the early stage only need to pay part of the deposit and charge by piece; A variety of payment and billing methods, easy payment by installments, and ease the financial pressure.

  • 2. Reduce losses: after use, the troubles and possible losses of the robot are not handled.

  • 3. Tax savings: lease expenses can be included in the cost as monthly operating expenses to save relevant tax expenses and avoid the calculation of equipment depreciation.

  • 4. Flexible lease term: the lease term is diverse and flexible, which is suitable for various production needs.

  • 5. One stop service: provide one-stop services such as transportation, installation, commissioning and maintenance, so as to reduce the burden for enterprises.

  • 6. Good maintenance: 7 * 24 hours fault response during the lease term, 4-8 hours on-site service according to the area, responsible for repair and replacement.

  • 7. Flexible combination: change the robot configuration at any time according to the needs of the enterprise to meet the needs of customers.

  • 8. Flexible increase and decrease: flexibly adjust the number of robots according to the development of the enterprise.