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Fan Cheng
What is the working principle of the manipulator?

Published on:2020-07-02

Working principle of manipulator:
The manipulator is mainly composed of actuator, driving system, control system and position detection device. Under the condition of PLC program control, the control system sends out instructions. Through the drive system, the arm can realize the movement modes of lifting, stretching, rotation and so on.

Composition of actuator:
1. Hand
The parts in contact with the object to be operated include clamping hand and adsorption hand. The clamping hand is composed of fingers or claws and force transmission mechanism. There are many types of force transmission mechanism, including chute lever type, connecting rod lever type, inclined lever type, gear rack type, lead screw nut spring type and gravity type.
2. Wrist
The part connecting the hand and arm is mainly used to adjust the orientation of grasping objects.
3. Arm
It is an important part to support the grasped object, hand and wrist. By cooperating with the driving device, various actions can be realized.
Drive system:
The driving system is the power source to drive the actuator. It is composed of power unit, regulating device and auxiliary device. Generally, there are hydraulic transmission, pneumatic transmission and motor transmission.
Position detection device:
The position detection device is mainly composed of sensors. Through the information fed back by the sensors, the control system can realize the motion mode of each degree of freedom of the manipulator and form a stable closed-loop control.