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Fan Cheng
What are the precautions in programming the manipulator of welding robot

Published on:2020-07-02

Intelligent manipulator is widely popular in the market because it can stabilize and improve welding quality, improve labor productivity, improve workers labor intensity, work in harmful environment and reduce the requirements for workers operation technology. What should be paid attention to in writing programming in the practical application of welding robot, Today, Xiaobian will give you a detailed introduction.

1. The manipulator selects a reasonable welding sequence.
The welding sequence is formulated to reduce the welding deformation and the length of the walking path of the welding gun. The space transition of welding gun requires short, smooth and safe moving track. In order to obtain the best welding parameters, working specimens are made for welding test and process qualification.
2. Reasonable positioner position, welding gun attitude and welding gun position relative to the joint.
After the workpiece is fixed on the positioner, if the weld is not the ideal position and angle, it is required to continuously adjust the positioner during programming to make the welded weld reach the horizontal position step by step according to the welding sequence. At the same time, the position of each axis of the manipulator shall be continuously adjusted to reasonably determine the position, angle and extension length of the welding gun relative to the joint. After the position of the workpiece is determined, it is difficult to observe the position of the welding gun relative to the joint through the eyes of the programmer. This requires programmers to be good at summarizing and accumulating relevant experience of manipulator.
3. Insert the gun cleaning procedure in time.
After a certain length of welding procedure is prepared, the gun cleaning procedure shall be inserted in time to prevent the welding spatter from blocking the welding nozzle and conductive nozzle, ensure the cleanness of the welding gun, improve the service life of the nozzle, ensure reliable arc striking and reduce welding spatter. Generally, the preparation of the program cannot be achieved in one step. A good program can be formed only by constantly checking and modifying the program, adjusting the welding parameters and the posture of the welding gun during the welding process of the manipulator.
Through reading the above articles, we know the relevant matters needing attention in programming and writing of the manipulator of the welding robot. With the development of advanced manufacturing technology, it is an inevitable trend to realize the automation, flexibility and intelligence of welding product manufacturing. At present, the use of manipulator welding has become the main symbol of the modernization of welding automation technology. Welding manipulator has attracted more and more attention because of its strong universality and reliable work.